Vin Diesel Signs Television Deal To Expand ‘Riddick’ Universe | TV News

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Vin Diesel has signed a deal with Universal TV to bring the Riddick franchise to television. So far there have been three films in the series – Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick – all developed with long-time creative partner David Twohy. The films follow Diesel as the enigmatic Riddick, an embattled warrior and the last of his kind, as he is pursued across the universe by authorities and mercenaries alike.


The first feature in the series, Pitch Black, was a tight action-horror, whilst its sequels have delved into the realms of space opera and revenge thriller. The new series is expected to be Merc City; a spin-off that will explore the lives of the mercenaries and outlaws of the franchise. While it remains uncertain as to whether Diesel himself will star in the project, at least in a cameo role, the American actor confirmed via Instagram that a fourth Riddick film is in development.


To be titled Furia, after the protagonist’s ravaged homeworld, the feature is currently being written by Twohy. As a long time fan of the franchise this is all good news, especially after the disappointing Riddick which was expected to be the final installment; hopefully Diesel and Twohy will move forward with the narrative rather than again trying to relive the spirit of the original.


Merc City will mark the Riddick franchise’s first entrance into television; it has previously been explored through motion pictures, video games, comics and anime.



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