Virtual Artist Angelbaby Shares New Track ‘Live Forever’ With Blvck Svm

In a refreshing twist to the traditional music release process, angelbaby and Blvck Svm have empowered fans by releasing “Live Forever,” a song whose final direction was dictated by its most crucial audience — the listeners.

Unveiled on September 1, 2023, this unique collaboration reflects a bold step forward in the music world. Through Hume’s platform, The Spot, fans were granted an interactive role in shaping the song’s evolution. Presented with two contrasting verses from Blvck Svm, they were entrusted with the final say on which version would make the cut.

angelbaby candidly expressed his enthusiasm about this innovative approach, declaring, “This is the future of music, for real.” The collaboration of these artists—each hailing from different musical roots—birthed a track echoing both their shared narratives of grit and ambition.

Audibly, “Live Forever” ventures beyond the traditional boundaries of hip-hop. The track’s soundscape bears influences of EDM legends like Skrillex, a testament to the groundbreaking ethos of its creators.

A delve into their backgrounds unveils even more layers to this collaboration. angelbaby, a virtual music sensation, has been redefining the realms of Web3 music. With a streak of trending music NFTs, he has risen to meteoric fame, further cemented by monumental performances at prestigious events like Art Basel and SXSW.

Blvck Svm’s journey offers a narrative of resilience and triumph. From the classrooms of the University of Chicago to conquering challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, he pivoted to music, scoring big with his hit single “Bleach.” He comes with an impressive tally of over 30 million streams and a steadily rising career trajectory.

“Live Forever” isn’t just a song—it’s a testament to the dynamic shift in music creation, celebrating both the artists and fans as co-creators in an ever-evolving sonic landscape.

Listen to “Live Forever” below!


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