West Glamorgan Youth Theatre Spared Funding Axe | Arts


A youth theatre in Wales that began the careers of Michael Sheen, and Joana Page, has dodged a funding axe. Swansea Council had proposed to drop West Glamorgan Youth Theatre’s annual £28,000 grant completely, but the authority has instead settled on a 20% reduction. The theatre was still funded for the following year, but grant rules have changed, and now theatres are being made to compete for their funding.


Vivienne Buckley, the artistic director of WGYT said, “What they get for their money is worth so much more than what they give us. So it’s an amazing thing if it is only going to go by 20%”. The decision has been granted on the principal of giving the theatre more time to find its future footing, however, Buckley, is to stand her ground further as she believes it’s more time to make Swansea Council see sense, and to carry on funding the theatre.



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