WOKE + George Clinton – The Lavishments Of Light Looking | New Music



WOKE is the collaborative moniker of Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Shabazz Palaces. The trio have just released their new track “The Lavishments Of Light Looking”, which also features Funk master George Clinton. The single has been released as part of Adult Swim’s summer singles program and can be downloaded free from their Soundcloud page as of yesterday (September 28).


As one may be able to tell from the rather eccentric title of the track, it leans toward the spirituality and opening up consciousness, recalling the jazzy teachings of the legendary Sun Ra. Some people may be put off by the concept of this and see nothing but crazy pseudo-philosophy in this single. However, the music is well crafted and a real taste of what modern day funk can sound like when it collides with experimental Hip Hop and electronic yet soulful music. Listen and download a free copy of the track below via Soundcloud.




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