Wolf Parade End Hiatus With Debut Album Reissue | Music News

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Wolf Parade End Hiatus With Debut Album Reissue | Music News



Following their lengthy, six year hiatus, Wolf Parade are back with a deluxe edition reissue of their incredible debut album Apologies to the Queen Mary. The deluxe album will be released on 3xLP and will be available digitally via Sub Pop on May 15th.


It will feature the full original album, along with their 2003 and 2004 EPs and unreleased track “Snakes on a Ladder”. Set to go old school, the reissue will be available on cassette (original album only – no bonus tracks) and Sub Pop’s limited Loser Edition comes with the option of pink, blue or peach coloured vinyl.


Check out the full tracklist below.


LP 1
A1 You Are a Runner And I Am My Father’s Son
A2 Modern World
A3 Grounds for Divorce
A4 We Built Another World
B5 Fancy Claps
B6 Same Ghost Every Night
B7 Shine a Light
B8 Dear Sons And Daughters of Hungry Ghosts


LP 2
C9 I’ll Believe in Anything
C10 It’s a Curse
D11 Dinner Bells
D12 This Heart’s on Fire


LP 3
A1 Disco Sheets
A2 Lousy Pictures
A3 Modern World
A4 Wits or a Dagger
A5 Secret Knives
A6 Dinner Bells
B7 Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
B8 We Built Another World
B9 Grounds for Divorce
B10 It’s a Curse
B11 The National People’s Scare
B12 Killing Armies
B13 Snakes on a Ladder



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