YellowStraps – Take Over | Music Video


Brussels-based alternative R&B/soul duo YellowStraps have shared their new track, “Take Over” lifted from their new EP Goldress.


Setting a fast tempo from the start “Take Over” leads with a jazzy electric guitar that keeps the listener enraptured throughout the track. Such guitar style paired with a rhythmic drums and atmospheric aura creates the duality between complex and boisterous. Complimented with a video that oozes both luxury and mystique, YellowStraps exhibit artistic flair that is rare in today’s age.


The Murenzi brothers reveal a little about the complexities behind the track: “‘Take Over’ describes the toxic situation in a relationship where one party is overly dependant on the other. It takes the form of a direct conversation in which one of the parties explains to the other that it is essential to have their own balanced path and way of life, instead of relying on the others.”


The Belgium-based duo are creating music while challenging their own boundaries on a daily basis. From inception in 2014, they have already been proving themselves by winning awards in the process. They’ve since gone on to collaborate with other hot acts such as Tobi Lou, Roméo Elvis, Le Motel, and blackwave.


Continuing to receive respect and acclaim from across the taste-maker board, 2020 is already kicking off in the best possible way and we can’t wait to see what the hotly tipped duo will give us next




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