YG Hootie + Kendrick Lamar – The City | New Music

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YG Hootie + Kendrick Lamar – The City | New Music


The 30-year old rapper from Compton YG Hootie has released a new single “The City” featuring legendary rapper Kendrick Lamar. Hootie and Lamar have previously worked together on a track that was titled “Two Presidents” back in 2013.


The new song they have been collaborating on is a tribute to both of the rappers hometown Compton. Compton nowadays easily gets related to a bad place with bad reputation, because of the crime and other issues rife in the city. However, Compton were used be a place called home for George Bush Sr. and Jr., and this is what the two rappers want to remind everyone about, all the good things about Compton that we often easily forget.


Listen to the new hot single “The City” below.




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