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As we all know, Youngs Teflon’s work ethic is second to none. He just does not stop and has released yet another mixtape, following January Sales, and he’s entitled it March Madness. The title not only refers to Future’s hit song and the basketball season that drives all Americans nuts, but it’s also the month we’re in. So is Tef implying with such a title that this month will be a madness where his music is concerned? I hope so.


The mixtape, which features short tracks from around 1 to 3 minutes long, has already been widely received on twitter. Apparently there has been some confusion as to why the tracks were not longer and Youngs has cleared this up tweeting: “For ppl asking why most tracks are short on March madness It’s an actual mixtape, not an album or original project. Those are 80/90s beats.”


Youngs Teflon has shown time and again that he can rap over any instrumental and in this mixtape he showcases his talents excellently, spitting over Jay-Z, T-Pain & even Adele instrumentals. I believe this is what sets him apart from his contemporaries as versatility is key in the making of a legendary artist. Thumbs up on this side.


Listen to and download March Madness here:




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