Youth Laureate Amanda Gorman Recites ‘The Hill We Climb’ At Joe Biden Inauguration | Arts


On January 20, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the new President of the United States of America. He officially started his 4-year mandate as of this date. People have been waiting for this day because they have hope in their new President considering the outgoing one, with the inauguration serving as the first step to gain trust and faith for many Americans.


The inauguration was virtual for most of the day due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, President Joe Biden’s goal was to reunite Americans again as the inauguration was themed ‘America United’.


Indeed during the inauguration there were many ceremonies but also a poem reading by the young laureate Amanda Gorman, and the 22-year old Harvard University graduate was ready for such a role in the first steps of America’s healing. Amanda was recommended for the reading by Jill Biden after she saw one of Amanda’s previous work.


Amanda’s recited a poem titled “The Hill We Climb”, a piece based on America’s recent events, which deals with the Black Lives Matter movement, the US Capitol riots, as well as how the relationship between America and Americans is broken.


Her goal was to deliver a piec about unity, political unity and how changes can be made now, as she said in her poem regarding America, “a nation that isn’t broken, but simply unfinished“. She reckons Americans need to regain trust in their leaders and more importantly have hope. America surely needs this impulse to start the new year and this new era.


Amanda was the perfect candidate, being a young black woman, she is on the front line of America’s social problems. Her poem was a success, well written and well read, and as the first-ever youth poet laureate in America’s history to take that mantle, Amanda stole the show during the inauguration. Many powerful personalities congratulated her after her reading. 2021 is a great start for Amanda, future powerful woman.


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