BOYS24’s Lee Hwa-young Under Fire For Leaked Audio Clip | Music News

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BOYS24’s Lee Hwa-young Under Fire For Leaked Audio Clip | Music News


BOYS24’s Lee Hwa-young is currently in some hot water for a 30 second audio file leaked by his ex-girlfriend.


The file reveals the young singer’s scornful feelings towards his fans: “I like being called oppa but not from fans. That f*cking sucks. And the hi-touch event is so annoying. We do the hi-touch event, you know? The one where you greet fans and hold hands with them. F*ck, I do it with about 7,800 fans every day and it makes me feel like throwing up. Their breaths smell like sh*t”.


Despite the group having yet to officially debut and people’s unfamiliarity with their name, the audio file quickly became a hot topic among both the international and domestic K-pop online communities.


On one hand, fans want to understand the difficult lifestyle of being a celebrity and respect Hwa-young’s privacy. On the other hand, K-pop fans were disgusted by Hwa-young’s dishonesty and his true, cruel and vulgar perception of his fans. Majority have voiced their protest against his further involvement with the group.


Hours ago, BOYS24’s company CJ E&M and Liveworks Company issued an official apology on their Facebook page. The statement promises that Hwa-young will not be participating in the BOYS24 Live Concert scheduled for this Friday, though whether or not he will continue to be a part of the group is still being discussed.




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