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Conversations About Her

Lauren Mayberry And Meredith Graves Talk Misogyny And Music | Interviews

  What happens when two outspoken, intelligent, friendly women get together and have a chat? Harsh truths are revealed, experiences – good and bad – are shared, and Internet trolls are deconstructed, even sympathised with.   Meredith Graves (from band Perfect Pussy) starts the conversation with Paper by describing “misogyny porn” – when people love to hear how tough it[…]

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Jessie J – ‘I’m Kind Of Celebrated As One Of The Greatest Singers?’ | Music News

  Fingers on buzzers: can you guess which music artist has described his or her self as “one of the greatest singers?” If you’re itching to say ‘Kanye, of course’, I’m sorry to disappoint you on this occasion, as the great man himself didn’t come up with this corker of a statement… yet.   But it does sound very much[…]

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David Gest Names UK Tour After THAT ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Misunderstanding | Music News

  It’s the ‘misunderstanding’ of the century…so far: Tiffany Pollard’s outpouring of grief over the mistaken demise of fellow Celebrity Big Brother house-mate David Gest, after Angie Bowie confides in her that “David’s dead”. Of course, Angie meant her ex-husband David Bowie; but with David Gest unwell and bed-bound at the time, I can see where Tiffany was coming from.[…]

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Trent Reznor Reflects On David Bowie’s ‘Fatherly’ Influence | Interviews

  Trent Reznor has a long history with David Bowie: the Nine Inch Nails frontman discovered and become obsessed with Bowie’s music at a young age. This progressed to collaborations onstage and fatherly advice when Reznor’s drug habit reached an unbearable state.   In an interview with Rolling Stone, Reznor remembers: “His music really helped me relate to myself and[…]

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Tinashe Talks Racism And Sexism In The Music Industry | Music News

  In a recent interview with xoNecole, American singer Tinashe has expressed her views regarding racism in the music industry. The young singer and actress has spoken out about her struggles to represent the black community in an industry that allows room for one black female artist in each genre.   In her words: “People feel like there is only room for[…]

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