CoCo Avenue – Eottae | Music Video – Conversations About Her

CoCo Avenue – Eottae | Music Video

Conversations About Her

CoCo Avenue – Eottae | Music Video


The Korean music scene is constantly expanding its reach beyond its geographical borders and CoCo Avenue is here to join the effort with new single “Eottae”!


Their admiration of artist Jay Park is clear through the slow and seductive vibe of “Eottae”, which is an R&B track featuring smooth vocals over a simple, but smooth, instrumental. The lyrics flow back and forth from Korean and English effortlessly, much like the ambient lighting and accompanying dance provided by dancers Danielle Day and Stefan Lopez.


CoCo Avenue is a K-Hip Hop/R&B duo that consists of African American artists Jenna and Jenny. Both women started out as casual K-pop fans on YouTube but eventually began to create covers together.


During a recent radio interview with KpopStarz, the duo shared a little about their goals for CoCo Avenue.


K-pop itself is a mixture of many different cultures, sound-wise. It’s our mission to bring that mixture out physically,” shared member Jenna. “We, as Americans, have to be careful to appreciate Korean culture, and not appropriate it in our journey to becoming artists in Korea.


At the same time, there’s responsibility to be held on the industry’s side. How long will they draw influences from our culture, many times incorrectly, while continuing to perpetuate stereotypes on what black Americans are and not allow us to have a voice in this?” she continued. “I think this is the most important mission for CoCo Avenue: the fans who look like us deserve to be represented the right way.


It’s brilliant that such dedicated and considerate fans are trying to bring more diversity to the industry because with K-pop’s increasing global reach comes more cultural appropriation and stereotyping, so it’s important to bring greater cultural education and understanding to the music scene.




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