Coldplay To Headline Glastonbury Once Again? | Music News

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Coldplay To Headline Glastonbury Once Again? | Music News



2002 *tick*, 2005 *tick*, 2011 *tick*, 2016 *tick?*. That’s right, this would mark number four at Glastonbury if Coldplay headline the momentous festival once again. There’s plenty of headlining to go round, save it for some of the other bands Coldplay! But in all honesty, these veteran English hit makers are full of experience and would have no problem filling in that two hour set perfectly. According to reports in The Sun, founder of Glastonbury, Michael Eavis has already booked Coldplay in.


A source told the tabloid: “Michael likes getting things sorted as early as possible and having a solid, reliable Sunday headline act to send people home happy is a massive part of the booking process“. Coldplay are currently working on their seventh album, A Head Full of Dreams, due for release late Autumn. The full Glastonbury line-up will be announced next spring, but don’t be surprised to hear Coldplay on the main stage performing a few of their upcoming tracks as well as their classic oldies we all know and love.


Here’s a clip of Coldplay performing “The Scientist” as headliners back in 2011, enjoy:




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