Ellie Goulding Defends Her Right To Speak Out About Politics | Music News

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Ellie Goulding Defends Her Right To Speak Out About Politics | Music News

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Talking to Daily Star Online, Ellie Goulding expressed her hatred for Donald Trump, while she pointed out her need of being entitled to a political opinion. The interview came shortly after the singer posted several negative tweets addressed at Trump, to which a fan commented that she should stop getting involved in politics.


“Don’t stick your nose into politics and make me not want to go to your concert in June,” said the fan, and Goulding replied: “Don’t come please”.



In the interview with the Daily Star, Goulding said, “I don’t speak out about everything. But when I do I speak out about what I feel is important for young people to be aware of and I feel a bit of responsibly to do so as well. Most people agree with my opinions about Donald Trump but a couple of people on Twitter did not agree.”


“A guy said he wouldn’t come to my show if I didn’t stop talking about Trump so I just told him well maybe you should come then,” she continued. “The way he put it made me think that I really don’t understand why Trump is even running for president at all. It is something I feel strongly about and I don’t think I should be criticised for speaking out”.


Everyone is indeed free to speak their minds, especially when it comes to politics; so, well said! Ellie Goulding is currently on her Delirium World Tour, which began in January and is due to end in October.



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