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Fearless Vampire Killers Announce Split | Music News



Fearless Vampire Killers – the alternative rock band from Suffolk – announced yesterday (July 4) via Facebook that they will no longer continue to make music together as a five-piece.


After eight years together, vocalist and guitarist Kier Kemp is said to have announced his departure from the band on July 1, leaving the remaining members wondering whether or not to continue without him. It wasn’t an easy decision on anyone’s part, but with their brotherly bond, the band felt it wouldn’t be right to carry on as FVK.


Kemp attempted to clear the air with a statement issued shortly after the news broke, writing: “something like Fearless Vampire Killers required nothing less than utter dedication and when I realised I had lost that I felt like a fake”.


However, there is good news for distraught fans; the remaining members have promised not to abandon their musical union and will continue to work together under a new name once they have had time to “rebuild and reflect”.


Announcements regarding the band’s upcoming shows are to follow soon.



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