G-Eazy Announces ‘The Beautiful & Damned’ Album Release Date | Music News

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G-Eazy Announces ‘The Beautiful & Damned’ Album Release Date | Music News


Gerald Earl Gillum who is better known by his artist name G-Eazy has revealed the date for his next album, which has the exact name as the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Beautiful & Damned.


The forthcoming album will be released on December 15 via BPG/RVG/RCA Records, and features artists such as, Halsey, Cardi B, Asap Rocky, Kehlani, E-40, Charlie Puth and more.


No Limit” featuring Asap Rocky and Cardi B is his first single from The Beautiful & Damned, and has already been well received by fans and followers. The album contains a track-list with 20 songs and outlines a portrait of the rapper himself, who reveals personal and real stuff about his life.


The rapper initially saw some boundaries in his life which made him create G-Eazy as a way to make it past those obstacles, so he could live the way he thought he actually wanted to. Additionally, with a thought of becoming a rockstar which he also thought he wanted to be.


The rapper lives in a constant dark cliché of addiction and over-indulgence in his favourite vices which borders him every night in the lifestyle in which he’s found himself.


Watch the official trailer for The Beautiful & Damned and listen to his latest single “No Limit” below





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