Kaytranada Wins Polaris Music Prize With ‘99.9%’ | Music News

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Kaytranada Wins Polaris Music Prize With ‘99.9%’ | Music News



The Polaris Music Prize, a Canadian music award for natives, was awarded to Kaytranada for his effort, 99.9%, beating out favourites Grimes‘ Art Angels and White Lung’s Paradise. Awarded with a $50,000 CAD award, 99.9% beat out 9 other albums to receive the award, who each received $3,000 as a consolation prize.


In his speech, the artist said “For me, it’s crazy to get this award. It’s really, truly, a big honor. It’s amazing. Shout-outs to all of y’all. I want to thank the judges and everybody for voting for me”.




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