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Lindstrøm – Closing Shot | New Music

Conversations About Her

Lindstrøm – Closing Shot | New Music

Lindstrøm 10.03.2016ANDREW


Since putting out his 2012 album Smalhans, Norwegian producer Lindstrøm has busied himself with collaborative projects and remixes.


Most recently, he’s put his own spin on Foals’ “Give It All” and Grizzly Bear’s “Gun Shy”, and teamed up with Todd Rundgren and Serena-Maneesh’s Emil Nikolaisen on their joint album Ruddans.


Lindstrøm now turns the focus back on himself with the new solo single “Closing Shot”. It is a sizeable track of what he calls “space disco”. This would be about right, as it replaces live instrumentation with synthesisers and drum machines, though a similar effect is achieved.


This will get people on the dance floor who feel too trendy or cool to dance to disco as it was known in the Seventies and Eighties. It also has those progressive elements that make it equally a part of more modern dance music culture.




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