Syrra – Sick | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Syrra – Sick | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Syrra – Sick | Music Video


London-based Swedish singer Aneta and Portugal-based German producer Sinah together are Syrra. The duo’s name, which means ‘sister’ in Swedish, perfectly describes the connection of two musicians, not only in their supportive friendship, but also in their beautiful and harmonious music.


The newest single from Syrra is called “Sick“, another dark soul-infused electronic-pop track, following their previous “I Can Be Mean“, which got coverage across international blogs and UK radio stations. “Sick” talks about mental health and its effect on a relationship.


The track is accompanied by surreal hypnotizing visuals, made by Brighton-based Mineral Lick, who explained that “the video is about how our minds trigger uncontrollable sensations within our bodies. When these sensations are acknowledged, it is possible to embark on a journey for release and resolve with those who can empathise“.


Watch it below:




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