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THE HUNNA Are On Their Way To The Top | Music News



THE HUNNA are the first UK alternative rock band to be signed to US indie label, 300 Entertainment. They were playing at the Electric Ballroom in Camden when the label’s bosses got blown away. A US tour with sold out gigs in New York and Los Angeles followed.


“Everything’s been mind blowing. We’ve always dreamt about doing this, so we’re just enjoying every day”.


They recently released their debut album, 100: “We spent two years writing this before it’s been released. It’s been a long time coming”.


It’s been co-produced by Tim Larcombe, whose credits include Lana Del Rey and Halsey.


The fans seem to be very important to the four musicians from Watford, England. “We appreciate the time they [the fans] take to make us artwork and come and see us. One girl did a piece of art about our song She’s Casual and I’ve been thinking about getting it tattooed”.


WPGM will meet THE HUNNA at their album launch party on Friday, September 2. Stay tuned for more information.



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