The Japanese House – Letter By The Water | Music Video

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The Japanese House – Letter By The Water | Music Video



Amber Bain, aka The Japanese House, has now treated us to yet another track this month, entitled “Letter By The Water”. This marks single number three after releasing, “Cool Blue” and “Clean” not too long ago. Each of them are compiled into the Clean EP set for release on November 6. Her latest track follows more of the same, with an incredibly refreshing new wave electronic ambiance combined with her distorted, yet melodically layered vocals. 


As you become engulfed by the swirling and chilled synths, it transports you into a dream like state, simply swaying you with the rhythmic  flow of the song. Additionally, The Japanese House have just uploaded a music video to partner up with this track. Directed by Juliet Bryant, you are taken to the streets of Barcelona from sunrise into the dark of night without a worry in the world, as the song comforts you throughout. Click below to view and listen:




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