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Unnies – Right? | New Music

Conversations About Her

Unnies – Right? | New Music


Unnies are back with a new lineup and a completely different colour with their newest title track “Right?


In contrast to the first season’s sultry tone and hilariously exasperated lyrics, which were highlighted by the mature vocal colours of members like actress Ra Mi-ran and rapper Jessi, the new Unnies (made up of original members Hong Jin-kyung and Kim Sook and newcomers Minzy, Somi, Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-young and Hong Jin-young) bring something bright and cute to the table with “Right?



Don’t let the youthful and girly voices of Unnies 2.0 fool you because the lyrics are all about the overflowing confidence of our girls, who deserve a man who’s always on their side, a man on G-Dragon’s level!


The song flows on top of staccato piano notes and a playful melody on horn, putting together that is completely different from its jazzy and sultry predecessor “Shut Up” but no less catchy! “Right?” has everyone in Korea bouncing their legs to the beat, if the slam dunk on the charts is any tip off!


The song has achieved #1 on all 8 major music charts almost immediately after its debut! The song came out on the show’s single album, which dropped at noon KST. The all-kill on the charts is especially impressive considering the powerful contenders also fighting for #1, PSY and IU.



You can purchase the Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 single album on iTunes here!



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