808INK – 3 Piece Suit | Music Video


808INK are the probably the best act that you haven’t discovered just yet. A producer/rapper duo straight from the South East of London, 808Charmer & Mumblez Black Ink are creating waves with their ‘not quite Hip-Hop’ sound. And if previous singles “Come Down” and “Jeep Cherokee” are anything to go by, their latest single “3 Piece Suit” is an undeniable banger.


This latest cut doesn’t stick to the traditional boundaries of Hip-Hop but rather nods to classic hip-hop from both sides of the Atlantic as well as features sprinkles of Grime; big, punchy drums and a profoundly London flow. It’s one of those tracks that feels like an immediate hit, oozing confidence and technique.


The high-octane track is accompanied with a music video which carries a boisterous, old school vibe that has absolutely nothing to do with a three piece, it’s raw, gritty and choppy but all in a good way; filled with slow-mo shots, barbershops and a classic vehicle to cruise in.




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