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Boosted by the great support surrounding her debut single “Celebrate Life” last year – now on over two million streams on Spotify alone – London based singer-songwriter Alice Pisano ushers in the release of her new EP Celebrate Life with her latest single “Stay”.


Alice is in absolutely commanding form and blazing the music trail. “Stay” is another soul-stirring effort, with echoing guitars and dwindling piano keys creating the ethereal atmosphere perfect for her vocals to shine. Taking the listener on an emotional journey with spirited crescendos and graceful pitfalls, this latest release reflects the compelling journey of emotions that our protagonist is endeavoring to share.


Speaking on the sentiments on “Stay”, Alice said: “It’s about having one of those connections with someone that makes you forget about everything else, one of those overwhelming attractions… You can never get enough of being with them and you always want more, sometimes more than either they or you can give.”


Picking up streaming support and online taste-maker nods, Alice has had one of the brightest entrances to the music scene in recent times. Her subsequent singles “Lost You In The Crowd” and “All The Little Things” have also seen credible support both domestically and internationally.


A sign of the evident appeal for the burgeoning star, she celebrates the release of her new EP in a really great position – ready to take music by storm.




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