LA based indie dark rock band Midnight Divide have released their brand new single “Dark Dreams” about sleep paralysis, nightmares and regrets. It’s the first single since their previous third studio EP Weapons-Grade Amnesia, written and produced all by themselves.


Since 2015, the Los Angeles band consisting of Austen Moret (vocals/guitar/keys), Jace McPartland (bass), Dan Beltran (lead guitar) and Bryan King as support for live shows, is sharing their alternative sound.


After their debut EP Embrace The Wave, which charted on the on the CMJ 200, they could even extend their international reach and fanbase.


Songs of their follow up EP Dichotomy made it into several web spots and TV shows. For example the lead single “Fireline” became part of season 9 of the critically acclaimed Showtime series Shameless.


Their latest EP Weapons Grade Amnesia became their biggest commercially success ever with 500K streams on Spotify, placements on Shameless and an ad campaign with Christian Dior.Now they’re retuning with a song about escaping nightmares and bad choices – “Dark Dreams”. Front singer Austen Moret says the song just flowed out of him effortlessly in a rough time of his life.


It’s kind of a hyperbolic, metaphorical recounting of the purgatory I was dealing with, when I thought I was going to lose the person I wanted to spend forever with. Everyone has had to live with the fallout from their mistakes in life. But sometimes, the mistakes could mean you lose everything that matters most to you“, he explains.


“Dark Dreams” comes with a great yet sad atmosphere full of regrets you can feel through the honest and raw songwriting. Listen to the emotive alternative tune below!




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