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After having performed with disillusionment in all the possible basements and bars of North Carolina, three long-time roommates Zach Dunham, Adam McLean, and Quincy Platt decided to transform their teenage dream into reality. They call themselves Arson Daily and through their musical experiments they will surely go very far, even beyond of what they may have used to think when they were “just kids” playing in their home studio.


When they realized that traditional garage rock was not enough, experimental creativity emerged from the void. In search of their musical maturity, they found something more, consequently creating an inimitable essence. ”Pipe Dream” is just a layer of the soul of their second full-length album Late Reflections, due out in February 2020. Their musical vein explodes into engaging sounds, while their minds struggle to find a clear alternative to the impositions of the American society.


Through this song Arson Daily spit on the conformism of the American dream with electric and frizzy riffs. The voices scream with sincerity the lyric to unveil what’s the secret to achieve the American dream. Eventually they’ll discover that there is nothing real behind it, but only an unattainable dream to fight as anti-heroes. This song is certainly an electro-indie dream from which nobody wants to be woken up.


As they explained: “The message of this song preaches non-conformity and reaching out in life to chase after what makes you happy, even if societal pressure gets you down. It’s an anthem for those that believe the American Dream is distorted and for dreamers who plan to make their own success.”


Listen to the song below:




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