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The beauty that it is evoked in the INTET single “Blind” catches you unprepared, but at the same time is able to fill the void of the search for something new. The enigmatic band debuted only two years ago, with its first single “Rebels” and since then it has achieved many recognitions, as well as growing its mysterious anonymity aura.


Moreover, it’s been two years since their first single “Rebels” spread their popularity.  The hype for the next song is eventually ended, now that cinematic indie-pop track “Blind” has been launched on every platform.


Furthermore, in a world where too much importance is given to appearance rather than content, INTET have decided to stay with their masks on. It is not a question of hiding behind anonymity, rather than escaping the excessive narcissism of the music industry.


Behind their cover, melancholy music spreads, where the strong bass lines mark the rhythm together with the light sound of a solitary guitar, until it explodes in the vibrating refrain. The singer’s voice sings softly, but is powerful enough to get close to his audience. Through their lyrics, they show the vulnerability of each person who is pushed strictly by the world in order to be successful and strong.


Listen to the song below:




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