Austrian Trio Sharktank Release New Track ‘For Myself’ | Music News


The hyper-productive trio Sharktank have dropped their new track titled “For Myself” following the release of their EP that includes the seductive songs “Too Much” and “Bad Energy“.


“For Myself” gives off a relaxing vibe supporting the smooth flow of the track’s lyrics. As we hear the lyrics “I do it for myself and for nobody else”, the song deals with the necessity to follow oneself dreams even at the cost of a troubled relationship.


Sharktank made its first impact in 2020 with “Washed Up”, combining indie with mellow late 90s HipHop vibes and alluring beats.


The Austrian band was founded and formed by collaborators MC Mile, vocalist and guitarist Katrin Paucz and well-known sound virtuoso and producer of several hit records (including collaborations with Bilderbuch and internationally acclaimed Leyya) Marco Kleebauer.


The trio come from Vienna in Austria and started out jamming in the studio last summer, getting together from different groups.


“For Myself” builds the bridge between the group’s latest EP Bad Energy and their upcoming debut album Get It Done, which will be released in May.


Listen to “For Myself” below:




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