Barcelona Rising Star Leïti Sène Releases Poignant New ‘T-Rex’ Single And Video | Music News


Leïti Sène, one of Spain’s leading emerging artists in the rap scene, has dropped a sleek and poignant single entitled “T-Rex” via Yuukii Music, and it comes along with its official video.


The single followed Tatimu Mixtape, which he released last year. With “T-Rex”, the fast-rising rapper has given us an incredible glimpse of what is to come, while he is preparing the new mixtape he will be releasing this summer.


Leïti Sène shared on his release of the single: “Releasing this first single from my next album makes me feel very excited, as it’s what I’ve been working on for the last year and it means a big step in so many ways, as well as a change of paradigm for my musical career; it’s something I needed to do and I think it’s a new direction that my audience still doesn’t know about.


The video was directed by Miguel Morillo and choreographed by Candela Capitán. It explores, lyrically as well as visually, Leïti’s journey to fame and more precisely the darker side of the rise to stardom. In the video, we can see the rapper leaving his love behind while he is constantly traveling. He has immersed himself in his new life until he eventually has been transformed into a monster.


About the video, the emerging director Morillo said: “This video focuses on how his career; his friends and his most intimate desires are deliriously mixed in a dreamlike world. The passion for his career and other distractions drive him further away from the person he loves, becoming the symbol of his own career, a panther.


The Spanish rising star first attracted attention with his trap duo SamxSen (with his cousin Sam Davies). For the last five years, he worked to ascend as an artist by himself and he has not stopped since his first EP in 2017. He was able to garner global attention with his own fusion of rap and hip-hop as well as his songs performed in Catalan, Spanish, and English. All of this informed by his Senegalese roots.


Leïti is considered as a multifaceted rising talent, in addition to his activity as a rapper he also became an established actor, best known for his role in the hugely popular Netflix series Elite, as well as a sought after style tastemaker (Napapjiri x NTS, Nike and more).


The young rising star is also passionate about creative collaborations. He has a discerning eye and ear for detail, and with his heart in his community, he founded CuteMobb which is a leading collective of Spain’s brightest new-gen artists as well as creatives. Last year, the collective released its first album entitled CuteTapes


Watch the official video of the new single “T-Rex” that has been released by the Spanish rising star Leïti Sène here:




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