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Bastille Give Details About Their New Album | Music News



Indie pop band, Bastille, are planning to release their second studio album in 2016, the follow-up to 2013’s Bad Blood – the debut that took them to the stars and helped raised their fame and popularity in an incredible way. Nothing of the new album has been revealed as of yet, but Daniel Smith detailed the possible direction the album could take in a recent interview.


He said, “When we started the album, this is more than a year ago, it was alternative R&B, a lot more electronic, then we went down a heavier rock route as well, then we almost came full circle back around to what we did the first record, more cinematic, then we did a load of horns. So it could be a lot of different things. But we just want the songs to be good and memorable and we want the album to be fucking interesting and a good progression from the last record, something that we’re proud of.”



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