Birdy Announces ‘Young Heart’ Album With New Single ‘Surrender’ | Music News


Birdy has made a comeback with the release of his brand new single entitled “Surrender”, this track comes as a foretaste before the release of his fourth album Young Heart which will be released on April 30 by Atlantic Record.


This new track comes after a 5-year break since his last album Beautiful Lies, which was released in 2015. This pause between her two albums was necessary for the young British musician who took the opportunity to take some time to stop, discover the world and find out who she really is.


Young Heart is a more intimate album than the previous ones, it is a realistic and courageous portrait of the artist in pain, in search of light.


Speaking of Young Heart, Birdy says: “I’m so proud of this album, my last record was a lot more theatrical – there was a lot going on, it was a big production. Whereas this is quite stripped back – anything that didn’t need to be there isn’t. There’s no decoration.


This album just feels very personal – I’ve grown up a lot over the past five years and have experienced new things that have shaped my understanding of the world, but also of who I am as an artist. This album means a lot to me – I want to protect it”.


As a reminder, the artist Birdy has been in the spotlight since the age of 12, today she has accumulated more than 1.6 billion streams worldwide and by the age of 24, she has already scored 21 platinum singles.


Listen to her new track “Surrender” below:




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