Bob Geldof Blames Himself For Death Of Daughter Peaches | Music News


Bob Geldof spoke to ITV News last night (October 15) about the death of his daughter Peaches and how he is wracked with guilt. The Irish rock star admitted to feelings of guilt, referring to himself as, “the father who’s responsible and clearly failed”. He feels he could have done more to help his daughter and cant shake the feeling that he didn’t do enough. Geldof said he is escaping the sadness by performing with his band Boomtown Rats, who are currently on tour. Peaches Geldof died at the age of 25 in April this year. The cause of death is suggested that it was a heroin overdose (the same as mother Paula Yates), she went back to the drug in February after two years of using a substitute, it was reported.



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