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Robin Lundback is quickly becoming a superstar under the name of Boy In Space. His name refers to his “all over the place” personality, which is also reflected in the delicate and dreamy sounds he produces. It is only through these sounds that he has found it easier to make his emotions to travel, from  his creativity to his audience.


Trying to understand more about himself, he has revealed:” Boy In Space has become the space where I’m able to go to express those sad and darker feelings”. Even in his latest single, it is possible to perceive his darker side.


“On a Prayer” sees a collaboration with SHY Martin, the two Swedish artists have melted their artistic selves together to talk with sincerity about the difficulties that involves the ending of a relationship. With the delicate sounds of their voices, the two singers evoke all the dark feelings that can be felt when you think of a person who has been part of you for a while.


Their artistic expression reaches a complete form with the music video. In the music clip, the two artists act and sing, immersed completely in a Quentin Tarantino’s atmosphere. It gives the impression of living immortal memories that are imprinted on the small polaroids that flow on the screen.


As Robin has explained about the choices of the music video, directed and edited by Erik Rojas“I had just watched the movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’. I loved it so much I saw it four times in two weeks […] it inspired a lot of the look and feel for the music video. We had one free day in LA, so we just ran around with a really small film team and pretended like we were Quentin Tarantino for the day”.


Watch the video for “On A Prayer” below:




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