Golda Releases Debut Single ‘I Wish I Was Someone Else’ | Music News


“Wish I Was Someone Else” is the debut single of the young singer Golda. Raised between San Diego and Chicago, she moved to Los Angeles to come to the surface with her music. There, she joined the pop-songwriting scene, then building her musical productions, focusing only on her musical career.


She’s an emerging artist, but her sounds already play like her music has been affirmed for years: her musical productions were just waiting for the right moment to come out, leaving an astonished audience. It is possible to perceive the talent in her  voice since the first notes.


Her maturity shines through her writing, which she began developing at a young age. Golda sings with an unusual self-confidence that makes you think of a melody that has always been part of her. And now that she has discovered her talent, it is almost impossible to let his sincere voice stop singing.


The sound of her delicate voice intertwines with a soft piano and a light guitar that perfectly echoe her musical soul, punctuated by a drum in the background. “I want to scream / But I can’t, because my mouth won’t open“, she expresses her concerns by asking herself if she has ever made the right choice. Golda establishes herself as spokesman for an entire generation of insecure young people. But her sounds also give the chance to escape these thoughts.


“Wish I Was Someone Else” is the perfect opening for her forthcoming intimate EP. Listen to the song below:




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