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Canadian rock duo Cleopatrick, composed of guitarist and vocalist Luke Gruntz and the drummer Ian Fraser, has released the latest glimpse of their upcoming debut album.


The single is entitled “2008” and will appear on their album Bummer, which was announced last month and is set to be released on June 4 via their own record label, Nowhere Special Recording.


This song has given us a totally different taste of what we should expect from the record. “2008” is just composed of an electric guitar and vocals. The chaos and callousness of their usual material are replaced by a stark and searing sound.


About their single, Luke Gruntz explained: “2008 is the most honest moment on this album. It’s the most vulnerable Cleopatrick song, and consequently, it’s the song that means the most to me out of anything I’ve ever written“.


The single also comes with its official video. It is an animated video that was created by the duo’s friend Shulyer Nazareth. With it, they wanted to “capture and convey the persistent lyrical energy of this entire project: a total bummer.”


Before “2008”, Cleopatrick already released three other singles from their forthcoming album: “Family Van”, “The Drake” and “Good Grief”. Speaking of Bummer the pair also said: “This album is about growing up. It’s about being alone. It’s about getting ripped off. It’s about finding a voice you didn’t know you had.


It’s about holding on to the innocence and purity in your world. It’s about trying to be a man. It’s about getting pushed around. It’s a rock album made by some kids in a basement with no old dudes around. It’s bass and drums and lyrics — carefully designed to catalyze moshpits and cauterize doubters. We worked nonstop to find this sound


They also added: “We were on a mission; searching for the honesty, power, and aggression that’s missing from today’s guitar music. We pushed with everything we had. breaking boundaries, spinning knobs, and blowing speakers until we found it, and we did find it.


We made some real s**t. We made a rock album for kids like us — kids that understand the primal-cry of an electric guitars fuzz-fucked-feedback, just as well as they comprehend the euphoria stored within a 21st century sub-bass chorus drop.coming to you with love, from nowhere special — this is our debut LP.


Cleopatrick is a duo of two friends that met each other at the age of four, after that, they grew up inseparable and formed the band we know today. They began to gain popularity with their 2017 single “Hometown”, which peaked at #6 on the US Mainstream Rock Charts.


The band released two EPs in 2016 (14) and 2018 (The Boys) and Bummer will be their first studio album.


Listen to Cleopatrick’s new song “2008” here:




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