Levelle London Releases New Single ‘Crazy Cousinz’ Featuring Rebecca Garton | Music News


As he is currently working on the release of his upcoming mixtape, multi-talented UK artist Levelle London has just unveiled his latest track titled “Crazy Cousinz”. In collaboration with the talented R&B singer Rebecca Garton, the artist, songwriter and producer Levelle London succeeds once again in creating an interesting musical vibe.


With a smooth and delicate entrance from Levelle who sets the tone, we let ourselves be carried away by the vibe that the track gives off. The emerging artist suddenly reveals his skills through a more pronounced kicked part that offers a second dimension to the record.


Speaking on the track, he explains, “‘Crazy Cousinz’ is based on a flirtatious conversation between two people at the party. The idea for the chorus came from a party I went to when I was young. A girl had some crazy cousins in the party who didn’t want her dancing with anybody. I freestyled the hook and played on the name of the production duo ‘Crazy Cousinz’ mentioning lyrics from some of their classic songs ‘Bongo Jam’ and ‘Do You Mind’“.


The overall construction of the sound is very interesting since it consists of several distinct parts with varying rhythms that give relief to the final project. The song ends in a beautiful association between the two artists on the chorus that closes the song, they successfully unite their voices offering a third dimension to the song.


Their two voices match perfectly and we can only hope to hear more collaborations between these two.


Listen to “Crazy Cousinz” here:




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