Chilean Protesters Are Asking To Replace Dictatorship-Era Constitution | Politics


On the 12th day of demonstrations, Chileans are still claiming that they don’t need the sops that the president Piñera is giving them to stop the protests against the country’s inequality. They want a concrete change, which must begin with a new constitution. Indeed, Chile now lives under the constitution of its last regime, that of Augusto Pinochet. It was one of the main causes of the current crisis as it has always privatized every service in the country, imposing strong control on the economy.


The Chilean people do not recognize the current constitution, since it was approved in 1980 with a controversial plebiscite, a common political tool used during dictatorships. The only thing that’s make them feeling closer to the regime of Pinochet now is the violence that’s spreading in the streets, the same violations that affected those years.


As the Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos reported, at least 20 people died during the protests. Other cases of human violation rights have also been confirmed: INDH presented 138 judicial cases of alleged violence, including sexual harassment. While these violations were consumed, prosecutors were ordered not to provide information about the violence committed by the military forces.


At the same time, news about alleged violences by the police have been subjected to censorship, as the state was trying to vandalise the acts of the protests which were in fact peaceful, showing instead the vandalism that was committing the police against them. these images were trying to legitimize militarization in the streets. However, people protesting in the streets did not stop their actions.


While human rights violations continue to hit the streets of major cities in Chile, the president tried to gain time, without presenting a clear legislative plan in response to protesters’ demands.



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