Es WEX – Surrender | Music Video


The musician, composer, indie electronic artist and activist ES Wex, real name Emily Wexler has released her latest single “Surrender” On Friday March 6, with a video! The queer artist from Brooklyn uses music as a means of collective liberation. Her sounds aim to go beyond the genres, norms and etiquettes of today’s society.


Locally, ES Wex organizes all types of events in order to continue to grow her community of female, queer, trans and POC artists. She runs EarSay Youth Voices, a workshop at The International High School at Laguardia Community College, that allow immigrant teenage girls to tell their stories in short plays.


Through her music, the artist wants to create spaces for healing, joy, contemplation and empowerment. Her music has been performed in many plays on the themes of social justice, queerness and immigration.


“Surrender” explores isolation, anxiety, but also healing and queer love, as much from the artist’s personal point of view as from a broader social point of view. Through this sound, the artist explains how society puts pressure on individuals to fit into boxes. She encourages each of us not to succumb to this pressure and to foster a deep bond with our inner self.


Watch it here:




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