Esther Vallee – Numbers | Music Video


24 year-old Swedish indie-pop artist Esther Vallee have release the music video for her single “Numbers”. Melancholic and laid-back music is accompanied by an unexpectedly dark video, directed by Joakim Carlsson.


The singer explains their decision to add some horror elements to the music video:


We wanted to show a totally different side of the story in “Numbers”. The contrast of what everyone is expecting me to do. The script is very dark but still with a touch of humour. Thats what I love about it. And still the story is written about the lyrics in the song but with the twist.


I wanna show the secrets we have, the real truth about dark inner thoughts that we don’t wanna reveal because we’re ashamed. In the video I’m kind of the devil in their minds who tells them your secret will be safe with me. I’m the one who helps them to mask their forbidden wishes and dreams, by killing them”.


Singer-songwriter Esther Vallee was born in Sweden, the country that never stops surprising with talented musicians. She was discovered by Jonas Quant, a famous record producer, from the same hometown – Gotheburg. Quant has also worked with famous artists such as No Doubt, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis and Hurts.


Watch the new Esther’s video for “Numbers” but don’t be too scared or shocked!




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