‘Everybody’s Living In A Trap’ Is The Brand New Single From Hip-Hop Band RDGLDGRN | Music News


There are probably very few songs that fit the present world lockdowns better than “Everybody’s Living In A Trap“, the latest single that the hip-hop band RDGLDGRN has recently released.


RDGLDGRN, which is to be pronounced Red Gold Green, are a trio currently based in Washington D.C. that have been gaining recognition since they self-released their single “I Love Lamp” on YouTube.


Following their successful release, the hip-hop trio collaborated with Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams for their debut album RDGLDGRN LP, with Williams co-writing and co-producing the standout track “Doing The Most”.


The trio’s newest single “Everybody’s Living In A Trap”, featuring thoughtful lyrics, powerful instrumental and pulsating rhythm, it’s included in the band second EP in the US – and debut LP in Europe – titled Red Gold Green 2.


About this catchy fresh release, the band member King Green stated: “A year ago I was thinking about how we’ve trapped ourselves in this space with an endless scroll of content to keep us entertained and I wondered what would it be like if we couldn’t do anything but be on the Internet…and then that thought came true”.


In a time when world lockdowns are not allowing people do be anywhere else than on the Internet, you will surely relate to the meaningful lyrics of “Everybody’s Living In A Trap”, which you can easily read on the catching lyric video animated by Bullpen.tv that accompanies this energetic single by RDGLDGRN!


Watch it here:




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