French Indie Producer Saint-Love Drops First Solo Track ‘Cold Humans’ | Music News


Saint-Love has released his first solo track as a new indie producer titled “Cold Humans”, which will catch your attention. This talented musician just demonstrated through his debut single his ability to mix acoustic and electronic elements together in order to release this enjoyable vivid song.


“Cold Humans” is a fresh and bouncy track that blends and spreads energetic with relaxing vibes at the same time thanks to a balanced mix between slow elements with faster and pulsing other parts. The soft plucking guitar melody that can be heard over a break-beat style organic drum kit will drive you into a happy mood which we would not turn down in these particular times.


Since Saint-Love arrived into the world of music he found a craze for mixing acoustic and electronic vibes wether it is about his personal music tastes or the way he produces his songs. “Cold Humans’ is Saint-Love first release as a solo artist and the musician seems to be set to provide us interesting sound in the future.


Saint-Love is at the crossroads of sound paths, mixing synthetic elements and organic music, a desire which “Cold Human” illustrates. A subtle blend of Cold-Wave and Electronic music at its finest, this explosive cocktail will not leave anyone indifferent.


Listen to “Cold Humans” below:




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