Frenzal Rhomb Drummer Breaks Arm In Stage Dive Attempt | Music News


Punk band Frenzal Rhomb had a very interesting gig at Perth’s Amplifier Bar at the weekend. The band were half-way through their set when drummer, Gordy Forman, decided to show the crowd how to properly stage dive. In words that might come back to haunt him, Gordy told the crowd, “Pretty sure if you want to stage dive, it’s simple“. Evidently, it’s not.


Gordy leapt into the crowd, everyone cheered, the band started to play a song. Only problem was, the crowd proceeded to drop the poor man on the ground. The footage is actually captured on tape and you don’t quite know whether it’s appropriate to laugh when you hear singer Jason Whalley state, “Oh no, he’s broken his arm“. Forman was hospitalized and we doubt he will be giving any stage diving lessons any time soon.




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