Giraffage + Japanese Breakfast – Maybes | Music Video


San Francisco-based DJ and producer Giraffage has released a new video for his song “Maybes” featuring Japanese Breakfast. The track is from his LP Too Real, which you can stream here.


Directed by Jon Ryan and Ride or Cry, the video shows how a lonely TV left on the street broadcasts various images and integrates with a casual life around it – dog-walkers, street musicians, skaters and other passersby.


This is an idea I’ve had in a drawer for a long time and when hearing this song’s lyrics, it just made sense to pair the two. After hearing the lyrics I saw it as an object that has been thrown out that may not get the love it wants until after it’s too late and it’s broken. I’m not sure if that’s the same emotional place that the song was written from, but I think thats part of the fun in making music videos. It never has to completely make sense, just be super cool”, says Jon Ryan about the concept and we are left with a question how serious is this explanation.


However, the clip nicely complements the song and doesn’t put it in the shade. It’s easy to listen and entertaining to watch, check it out here:



Giraffage (real name Charlie Yin) is an electronic music producer and DJ who received a lot of attention from his remixes of popular R&B songs and solo tracks.


Japanese Breakfast is a solo indie-music project by Michelle Zauner. Despite the name, she’s not Japanese, but Korean descent, as well as Giraffage. Both of their works help to bring more Asian-Americans into the spotlight which it’s unique and definitely worth to listen.


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