‘Gutterdämmerung’ Trailer Released | Music News



“In a silent world, a bad girl, a fallen angel, a charismatic leader, the last pure girl on Earth, and the baddest mother*ckers in rock ‘n’ roll history”. The trailer for Bjorn Tagemose’s upcoming spectacle Gutterdämmerung  has been officially released via YouTube. Gutterdämmerung is being billed as “the loudest silent movie on Earth” and features a star-studded cast of rock and metal legends, such as Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmeister, Slash, and Iggy Pop.


Gutterdämmerung  will see a live band performing simultaneously with the movie, harkening back to 20s cinema, which often saw a piano accompanying the projected footage. Part silent-spectacle and part rock-and-roll tour, Gutterdämmerung  is sure to be an experience not to be missed by rock and metal fans.




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