H3LLO & Apollo Mighty Have Released Their New Track ‘Talk’ | Music News


The electronic duo H3LLO have teamed up with the R&B artist Apollo Mighty releasing “Talk”, an engaging track that perfectly blends electronic, R&B and funk beats.


Originally from Chicago, Apollo Mighty has performed all over his native city during the past two years, featuring on the Chicago daytime show Windy City LIVE in 2019. He received over 220,000 streams on Spotify with his previous tracks “Solid Gold”, “Forbidden Fruit” and “Let Go”.


With tracks featuring on many official Spotify playlists, Apollo Mighty kickstarted 2020 with his collaboration with H3LLO, a Swedish electronic producer duo who introduced themselves last year releasing their track “Summer Time”, which was streamed more than 45,000 times on Spotify.


Both H3LLO and Apollo Mighty showed their dynamic talent working together on “Talk”. In this brand new track, the powerful R&B and soulful vocals of Apollo Mighty merge with the groovy, dance infectious production of H3LLO, who stepped away from their EDM/House roots to deliver a stunning modern electronic sound.


Engaging the listener’s from its very first beats, “Talk” intense lyrics show how you have no power on what other people say about you, but as long as you are convinced of your good behaviour, you should not care.


Listen to it here:




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