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The ex-Stands frontman Howie Payne unveils his single “High Times” from his new album titled Mountain out on October 27 via Full Stack Records. Howie Payne’s new album has been recorded in London and then mixed and mastered in Los Angeles.


Speaking about the recording session he said: “We recorded it in just four days, and pretty much live, during one of the hottest weeks of the year, and you can hear it in the sound, like the voltage is heavier, and the air is thicker in the silence between the instruments.


Most of the tracks were recorded in just a few takes – we’d never played them together before but the band were just really on it. We’d run through a song once or twice, get the sounds up and then play it until we got a version that sparked.”


“High Times” is an alternative song and very melodic, the melody is easy and commercial. The instrumental accompaniments are appealing and clearly inspired by The Beatle’s melodies.


Howie will embark on a headline UK tour in October so make sure to take a ticket. While you are waiting to listen to his new full album, you can enjoy this beautiful single below.



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