Hozier To Sue Chilly Gonzales After Claim Of Plagiarising Feist | Music News



In late summer of 2011, Feist released single “How Come You Never Go There” from their album Metals. Little did they know that 4 years later controversy would arise, as Canadian producer Chilly Gonzales accused Hozier’s song “Take Me to Church” in a video, comparing the two as being “almost the exact same” and therefore plagiarised.


Gonzales also commented in the video, which has now been deleted, that “Maybe Feist should take him to court”. Quite the opposite has now occurred as Hozier has appeared to have taken this accusation to heart by conversely taking Gonzales to court instead.


Despite hearing similarities in two popular tracks, which has been a regular occurrence within the popular music scene since its conception, classifying them as identical is a drastic and foolish statement. However, aren’t there more important things to take up the judicial system’s time? Completely blown out of proportion if you ask me, then again, I’ll let you be the judge of that. Compare the two songs below to make your own mind up:





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