Imaan To Launch First LGBT+ Muslim Pride In London In 2020 | Politics


The first pride dedicated to LGBT + Muslims will be launched by the well-known Imaan, a charity community founded in 1999 in London. It wants to celebrate 20 years of existence, lived by supporting LGBT Muslims through their struggles. Even after 20 years of work, the celebration of pride has never been more necessary than now. In fact the community still suffers of homophobic manifestations.


Indeed, in Birmingham there have been several anti-LGBT demonstrations in front of a primary school, where some parents said they did not approve the lessons on gay relationships and LGBT rights taught to their children. In that occasion, trustee at Imaam, Anjum Mauj said the “furore“ was bringing out more homophobia in the Muslim community.


Members of the community are often unable to reconcile their gender and their sexual choices with their Islamic faith, since they are told to”choose” between sexuality and religion. Many of them feel isolated and uncomprehended by their families, while they are only expressing their identity. Anjum shared her experience: ‘When I made the decision to get married to my partner, my mother was very upset about it.


At the same time, the purpose of pride is precisely to celebrate “unique identities and bring some joy into the world”. As film director and member of Imaan, Almass Badat, said: “I go out of solidarity, out of support also for myself, to build community, there’s so many positives to just interacting and understanding that within a group of people“.



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