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18-year old indie bedroom pop artist Lilac Spirit has launched her 2020 with her brand new single titled “Nothing Is Real“, which is the follow up to her debut EP Systems Fail from last year.


The single, which is the first taste of Lilac Spirit’s forthcoming debut album, comes with a lush new music video, which was shot in Kyiv, Ukraine, and directed by burgeoning filmmaker, photographer and creative designer Ubik Litvin, whose work has been featured on Vogue, Marie Claire, and VIVA


Speaking about how “Nothing Is Real” came about, Lilac Spirit says, “the chorus came to my mind about three years ago, but with absolutely different lyrics, but when I found this song unfinished a year later, I was dealing with some inner conflicts. It didn’t take me long to think of the new lyrics, because they were just my mind’s reflections that were perfectly matching the melody.


This song is a reality check for me, because neither my past nor my future is real. We are just stuck there with our present, which is, in fact, momentary. Yesterday is a memory, and tomorrow is unknown, today is fleeting. So is anything even real? Yes or no, why should it matter anyway?


When asked to unpack what inspired her to create the track, she adds that, “Sometimes when you get too carried away in your thoughts and think too deeply about life, you can lose touch with reality. Since we perceive the world through the lens of our own experiences, the reality that exists in your mind can get distorted too.


That is when you start questioning your consciousness and whether things matter as much as you think they do. These thoughts appear as a conflict between reality and illusions and allow for a realization that things don’t hold the same high value that we assign to them, and therefore we should be able to let go of things easily”.


The German-based Ukrainian artist is currently studying at Berlin International School, but she has been singing since the age of 9, teaching herself all that we can hear in her music today from a young age, with songwriting the one thing that came naturally to her. She has been honing her talents ever since and landed on the indie scene with her debut single ‘My Soul’ at the age of 15.


Watch the video for “Nothing Is Real” below:




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