Iris Gold – All I Really Know | Music Video


Singer songwriter Iris Gold shares with us her latest video for her song “All I Really Know“, produced by Mark & Mikkel Stenild.


The song is quintessentially her own style of music which the singer, from Copenhagen by way of London, brands ‘hippie-hop‘, a colourful and infectious amalgamation of retro hip-hop, soul and power pop with a generous sprinkle of flower power.


The visuals for “All I Really Know” portrays Gold as an inspirational protagonist, an aspiring female boxer engulfed in rigorous training and yet has a lot of heart and soul to give.


Iris, sharing her inspiration for the song, mentioned: “When you have been dealing with adversity throughout your life, it will either kill you, or make you blossom into a positive person, and I decided very early on in life that I would always be positive, energetic, and a go-getter.”


“‘All I Really Know’ is my Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed track. It’s a song about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and trying again, after failing, no matter how many attempts it takes.”


If you’re looking for some ‘weekend motivation’ then look no further than Iris Gold’s latest video below.




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